MyPlanet Patron Program

Welcome to the Patron community that supports the creation of this groundbreaking charity platform.

Full transparency for donations

When supporting a charity, donors don’t always know if their donations make an impact because there is often very little transparency about how funds are used by organizations. This lack of transparency reduces the number of people giving to charities and the positive impact we could make in the world.
MyPlanet has developed a pioneering platform where donors can make sure that people working in the field in local communities will receive the funds directly after pre-set goals are met.

Buy a photo, revolutionize impact donations

To fund MyPlanet's operations further, we have built a groundbreaking Charity-in-Charity model.

MyPlanet community members and Patrons can earn impact rights by donating to our collection of limited edition nature photos. These limited edition photos will then be sold in the MyPlanet online shop in order to raise funds for the pilot programme and projects. This way Patrons can multiply their personal impact by up to 20 times the value of the initial donation.

Charity-in-Charity in action

Only one Patron Certificate per photo
By donating to the Patron programme, you will retain the rights to donate future sales revenue generated by your chosen limited edition photograph. Only one Patron Certificate for each limited edition photograph is available.
MyPlanet Shop
The photo is then sold in the MyPlanet shop as digital NFTs and print rights. The shop will become the go-to marketplace for the world's most talented nature and wildlife photographers and buyers who want to make a positive impact on the world. The Patron will receive the first limited edition digital photograph in their MyPlanet Wallet.
Donate 40% of photo revenue
The Patron receives 40% of gross revenue of all future sales of the Patron image in MyPlanet Shop. The rest is shared between the MyPlanet foundation and the photographer. Patrons can then donate the collected funds to their preferred projects on the MyPlanet platform.
Up to 20x impact
Instead of a one-off standalone donation, a Patron will build their personal Charity-in-Charity within MyPlanet, increasing their initial donation up to 20x and thereby making a far greater impact in conservation.
MyPlanet Eternal Hall of Fame
Patron’s name/alias will be mentioned in the MyPlanet Eternal Hall of Fame issued on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Use of funds

Funds from Patron membership donations will be used in full to launch the MyPlanet platform and shop.

Once photo sales are opened to the public in the MyPlanet shop, 40% of the gross profit from the sale of every photo will be automatically redirected to the Patron's personal Charity-in-Charity account on the MyPlanet platform. The photographer will receive 20% of the revenue , and the remaining 40% will be used to support the MyPlanet Non-Profit Foundation’s work, as well as further development of the technology and the MyPlanet shop.

How to purchase a Patron Membership

To become a Patron member, choose a photo below and click "buy" to secure the donation rights to any future sales from the photo.
Fill in your details.
You will then receive the account information for a bank transfer to the PAMS Foundation bank account in Europe. After making the donation, please send the proof of payment to If you want to donate in the US, please email us before making a transfer and we will send you the PAMS Foundation US account details.
You will get a donation receipt by email after we have received your proof of payment. If you are interested in earning tax benefits, pls contact us and we can discuss this in more detail.
We will send your patron certificate and the first digital ownership certificate once the MyPlanet shop is launched. Estimated launch date is in July 2021.

MyPlanet Patron Membership

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