The New Conservation: Direct, Transparent, Impactful.

A groundbreaking conservation tool that empovers everyone to contribute to global conservation projects as a means to improve habitat protection.
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MyPlanet role

We use technology to connect people directly to projects and communities, maximizing efficient funds transfer, goal monitoring, and follow-up.


We are lean and efficient. The network consists of multiple independent nodes globally, each responsible for supervising and channeling funds to regional projects implemented and established by individual community members.


We build trust through transparency. MyPlanet publishes timely, high-quality data to track funding and project milestones.


Our revolution in conservation impact is led by our expert team, powered by passion.

Michele Menegon
Founder, CEO MyPlanet Foundation.

Conservation biologist with +20 year of experience of work in Africa. Currently Africa programmes and research director at PAMS Foundation and co-CEO at LCA.

Antti Saarnio
Founder, Chairman MyPlanet

Co-Founder and CEO of Zippie, Co- founder and former Chairman of Jolla/Sailfish OS.

Krissie Clark
Founder, Member of Board

Co-Founder and President of PAMS Foundation, a leading not for profit conservation organisation based in Africa. 20 years experience in conservation actions and impact.

Annika Hiltunen
Founder, Member of Board

CLO and BD at Zippie, 10+ years of legal and business development experience with several brands in Asia.

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