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Myplanet is a groundbreaking tool that lets you take immediate action.

With MyPlanet you can directly contribute to conservation, increase species protection, improve ecosystems functioning, and better livelihoods of local communities.

How it works

MyPlanet is a transparent way to directly support communities that are releasing funds against clear milestones.

MyPlanet web app

  1. Select a project and the people you want to support.

  2. Send funds that will be retained in the system until the agreed milestone is met.

  3. Track your progress and see when milestones are met.

  4. The local node or supervisor releases funds against the reached milestones, which you can transparently monitor through the app.

  5. The local project implementer receives the related payment to their mobile money account.

  6. Track the milestone by milestone progress of every project you’re contributing to.


MyPlanet projects

Become a stakeholder and decide where and how your funds can make an impact on conservation efforts.

Keep Elephants Connected

The Upper Kitete Wildlife Corridor is an important connectivity route for wild animal movements from the northern highland Ngorongoro Conservation Area forest down to the lowlands below the Rift Valley escarpment which extends to Lake Manyara National Park

Magugu Tree Planting

Magugu is a small urban centre in northern Tanzania, overgrazing, agriculture and increasing urbanisation are leading to a partial loss of natural habitat, this project, run by school children, aims to mitigate some of the loss and create small village forests.

Kisongo Tree Planting

Kisongo is an area close to the city of Arusha, in northern Tanzania, where overgrazing, agriculture and urbanisation have led to a radical impoverishment of the habitats. This project, run by school children, aims to recover part of the lost forest cover.

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You can fund, support, and monitor results in real-time through our fully transparent system.
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Why conservation?

Maintain biodiversity as life on earth

Maintain a healthy and functional ecosystem. Protecting wildlife and preserving it for future generations.

Reduce global inequalities

Benefit individual health and social harmony among human beings. Promote environmental quality.

Protect human health

From providing life-saving drugs to buffering humans from disease, protecting wildlife habitat is key to human well-being.

Preserve heritage & culture

Ensure that our cultural heritage and natural heritage will live on to benefit future generations.

It’s not about being good citizens, it’s about being good ancestors.

Michele Menegon
Director at PAMS Foundation

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